Big Daddy is laid back most of the time but the day before he takes flight can be a hustle. The tournament?....... K-1 World Kickboxing Tournament…….. Where?......... Las Vegas Nevada at the Mirage…………. Date?............. Saturday April 29 2006!.......... Guarenteed fights?........3…….So while one would think the main man would be RELAXING, think again today is extremely TAXING! Big Daddy is rushing around the big bad city of Barrie.

Big Daddy Exclusive!

C.N: So how goes the day before you take flight?

B.D: Busy very busy

C.N: Doing what?

B.D. Just doctor’s appointment I’m taking my step son to his doctors, appointment to get his blood drawn, to the pharmacist to pick up drugs. Then I’ll go home and work on my taxes. I’m making sure my nanny has food so that there is a sufficient amount for when I’m gone, so she doesn’t run out of anything.

C.N: So what thoughts do you have about your fight and your flight? Any?

B.D: Nothing. Right now you start questioning if you trained enough, if you trained hard enough, your injuries if, they are healing, if they are not healing. You’re constantly evaluating yourself.

C.N: Do you work out today?

B.D: Yep I’ll work out this evening.

C.N: Will it be any different from any other work out?

B.D: It would be different. We’re tapering down the workouts aren’t as hard as they used to be. I'm trying to build myself up whereas all my other workouts were breaking me down. So these ones are just short easy, you go over what you don’t know and try to better them.

B.D: “Hey Douglass!”

(Daddy’s reached his destination and is now doing business! In the background WE listen in…PLAY BY PLAY!)

Business man: There are your three payments for January February…

Daddy: mmmmm (There is chatter in the background Daddy responds!)

Big Daddy: No, no it’s not frigging cold, it’s fu%@!*# cold, frigging cold was a couple of days ago. (laugh) That’s still nice.

(chatter in the background)

Daddy: Yep ….yes sir.

(Big Daddy is so polite)

Big Daddy: Very good penmanship. (and complimenting!)

Big Daddy: Yes sir. What else do you want? (silence) Hello.

C.N: Oh you’re talking about me?

Big Daddy: Yesssssssssssssssssss.

C.N: During training have you though much about you opponents?

B.D: No you can’t really focus on your opponent it’s a tournament everyone’s a threat. If you only focus on your first opponent then you only go as far as your first.

C.N: I guess that would your advice for anyone in the fight game.

Daddy: Uhhu…… (In the background) It’s four dollars a gallon for gas in California… (more chatter)

Big Daddy: Is that where ethanol comes from?

Business Man: Corn! (Gas talk with Big Daddy and Business Man. Ethanol = Corn)

Business Man: I went on your website the other day, what a way to make a buck! What do you do kick ‘em in the nuts?

(Big Daddy laughs)

Business Man: So when you went to Hungary they were all against you were they.

Big Daddy: Yeah but you just got to do what you got to do. (Back to tax talk…….. snoring………)

Big Daddy: Hold on a minute.

(one minute goes by)

(two minutes go by)

(three minutes go by)

(five minutes)

C.N: SORRY EVERYBODY. It seems we’ve lost the big man in the midst of taxes, gas, corn, nuts and Hungary.