Gary Goodridge Interview - December 2006


Can you tell us how you started training and got into fighting?

I saw UFC 3 on television and thought to myself that I could do it and my friends pushed me into it, so I called UFC and told them I wanted to fight. When the promoter had asked for my name I told him and he became immediately interested because he had just seen me compete on television in the Yukon Jack Arm Wrestling Championship.

You have fought in both Kickboxing and MMA? what is your record and what style do you prefer?

I'm not sure what my record is and how many fights I've had in either of them. It doesn't matter to me. I like to make money so whoever pays more that's the one I prefer.

You have fought some of the biggest names in MMA including Fedor, Heath Hearing, Don Frye and Marco Ruas who was your hardest fight and why?

My hardest fight would have to have been Mark Schultz, Link to profile, in UFC 9 simply because I was in a fight and I had no idea what to do. He was a good starter and couldn't finish and I was a good finisher and couldn't start.

Who do you train with and what does your day of training consist of?

In the morning I run, lift weights. In the evening It depends what kind of fight I'm training for. For MMA I will go to Purdue University and have Tom Erikson help me if not I have people that will come to me and help me prepare for my fights.. For K-1 lately I've been training with Michael McDonald and Steve Kalakoda for fights and if I can't train with them I will train with my sister and Repeat.

If there was anyone you could rematch with who would it be and why?

I would like to rematch Gilbert Yvel because he's an asshole.

Who have been your biggest supporters and influences throughout your career?

My biggest supporter would have to be my sister Susie. Influences would have to be Mark Coleman and Tom Erikson.

What do you like to do outside of training and fighting?

Sleep, eat and sex. Not all in that order.

What one piece of advice would you give to an up and coming fighter to help them make it to the top?

Its all about the show. Forget about the win/loss record, just put on an exciting show. Show your heart and courage in the ring.

It has been rumored that you would like to fight in Australia, can you tell us what you know of the MMA and Kickboxing scene in Australia?

I know nothing of kickboxing in Australia, I just hear Australian women are women you have to see so I wanna see.

Is there anyone in Australia that you would like to fight?

I don't any fighters in Australia except for Paul Slowinski, and I will save him for a fight in Japan.

What is next for you? do you have any fights lined up in the near future?

No fights lined up right now.

What are your thoughts on these upcoming fight?

Mark Hunt v Fedor?

Fedor by submission

Tito v Chuck?

Hard to say, if I had to bet I would say Chuck. For Tito to win he has to win the fight on the ground. For chuck to win he has to keep it on the feet, but who knows a fights a fight.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, hopefully we will see you in Australia fighting soon.

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