Before the Battle Part 4


The halls of the Bellagio have been buzzing with super fighters. If it isn't big names like Scott Lighty or Ray Sefo roaming the hall ways it's K1 hopeful's looking to catch a glimpse of one of their heros or prepare for tryouts. This will be K1's eighth anniversary mega card and an eight man single elimination. With the Grand Prix on their minds, it isn't just fighters who are getting in on the action. The notorious Cecil Peoples is stepping into the ring to make sure the fighters don't stumble when they rumble.

"I have a student with a school in Puerto Rico (Orlando Sanchez) and so I'm here to watch. He's 5-0 in mixed martial arts, 15-0 in kick boxing. I came to watch him in tryouts. Other than this I've been busy with UFC, King Of The Cage, WEC, Gladiators, WFA. I'm gone almost every weekend, just back from Denver. (his phone rings) I'm gone to get on this right now.