Before the Battle Part 3


At age 23 Carter was poised to become the next big name. Nick named the beast it will be interesting to see if he can unleash enough power to take the fight against Goodridge. Sitting in the sunny hallway of hotel Bellagio with his head back and shades on, Carter is calm and collected.

Last July Carter faced Goodridge for the first time and says this time around you will see a completely different fighter. "I've fought allot more experienced fighters so I know that I have to be allot more settled in the ring and not to be too explosive. Me and Gary fought in Hawaii I believe he got lucky but at the same time I probably respected him to much. I was a little bit star struck. Oh my God I'm fighting Gary Goodridge. I really didn't take myself seriously but now that we fought and he won I believe I can beat Goodridge. As a matter of fact I know I can beat. Goodridge." Now the only stars Carter wants to see are ones dancing around Goodridge's head when he strikes for the fight because as far as Carter is concerned: "Anything can happen in the ring. I know Gary is a bit intimidated by me and he just comes out swinging he doesn't know what to expect from me. I fight different every time."

Eddie Millis has brought the pads for this K1 event. From the tank to the bank, he's the back bone for a couple of the top contenders (or defenders) Monty Lee, Jamie Fletcher and Big Daddy Goodridge. He says the boys look good.

"Jamie is my right hand man he trains other people as well he's here to fight. Gary is always ready. Imani Lee has been working hard he comes from a boxing background they all look good. "

While Imani is 2-0 this is his third K1 fight, Goodridge is taking this one on short notice and Millis says he's ready to attack.

"You can paint a skunk black but you don't have a kitty cat. Gary is a lion he always is going to be a lion. A lion will fight you any time he has to."