Before The Battle Part 2


The count down continues and all of the fighters seem to be calm and collected. Allot smiling faces these friendly fighters are a long cry from fist clenching fierce faced barbarians.

Like many of the other fighters Big Daddy is on the move. From the moment he touches ground to the time he hits the ring, the big man always has something going on. On this day it was from one interview to the next. A photo opportunity for K1 followed by an interview with Paper View. Many of the questions were based upon Goodridge's fighting ability and all answers led to one thing, Gary is still good at "his" game and can expect an explosive performance each time. As Goodridge explains he doesn't like to be in the ring more than one round at a time.

GOODRIDGE:"It's unpaid over time anything over and above is unpaid over time you only get paid for the first minute as far as I'm concerned." CNEL: You just came back from vacation.

GOODRIDGE: I'm in a peaceful mind frame I won't know about my stamina until I fight I can only guess on it at this point. I will have to test my stamina in the first fight.

CNEL: What do you make of Carter Williams?

GOODRIDGE: He is a young kid who had a promising career I don't know what happened he's got good kicks.