Before The Battle Part 1


The Boys are back in town and preparing for another battle at the Bellagio. From Russia to Vancouver to Vegas big names like Michael McDonald, Gary Goodridge and Carter Williams (just to name a few), are expected to help draw thousands of fans. The first press conference of the weekend, two days before the event and here’s your K1 crew run down.

Imani Lee is back on the scene with a record of 10-3 and 5 Knock outs, he says he has the complete package and there’s no way he’s backing down. Expect a good fight.

“It’s the first time competing in the U.S.” says opponent Alexey Ignashov. He says for the first people can expect (quote) "my best."

Ariel Mastov has moved into a starting position and is hoping to seize the day. He says the fact that he is competing in the tournament is as good as gold. It's "an opportunity" he says he will use to “progress.”

His opponent Michael McDonald is 10 years his senior and doesn’t appear to be a day older. McDonald promises a good show and hopes by the end of the night he’ll be the one standing with his fists held high. McDonald also says he is in the best shape of his life and plans to win this tournament.

Scott Lighty is 224lbs of California sun. His only comment is that he is here to "Chew bubble gum and kickass." Stefan Leko weighed in at 213lbs with a record of 50-14-1 and 29 Knock outs.......

Goodridge is excited after returning from Jamaica. He received the last minute call yesterday shortly after returning from Jamaica on Wednesday morning. From flight to fight he says he’s still on Jamaica time but it’s time to man up. Jamaican me crazy!

Carter Williams says he’s going to keep up on his stamina. Last tournament he injured himself and says when it comes to the fight game “it has allot to do with heart and he will do his best to win.” Fernando Calleros says he has a sense of purpose this time around. He’s fighting in memory of his long time mentor and Grandmaster Bill Paker. With his mentor in mind Calleros says “he’s not going to lose.” Fernando will face Duane Ludwig. Dewey Cooper is excited to be back. It’s the first time in 3 years at a super fight He says he's not intrigued with who will fight who. He has one guy to defeate and that's Ruslan Karaev. Cooper is urging fans to come out and see what happens.

Also fighting will be Azem Maksutaj, Ray Sefo, Steve Steinbeis, Dustin Hanning, Justice Smith, Sean O'Haire, Jennifer Ngyen, Christiene Toledo, Jami Fletcher and Andreas Spang.