Gary Goodridge is on the move. Less than two weeks after his fight with Aerts in Japan and already Goodridge is heading for the ring. He just received the phone call late last night and K1 is counting on Goodridge to “man up” and put on a good fight. Jeremy Williams was supposed to fight Mike McDonald but because of a “previous engagement“ it‘s a no go. Carter Williams opponent was having a hard time getting out of the country and into the U.S. “No problem”, according to Big Daddy. In B.D.G.G.s world it’s an opportunity knocking. Or is that knock out!~


CNEL: When did you get the call?

GOODRIDGE: Last night (EARLY THIS MORNING) at 1 am. I just got back to Canada from my vacation in the Caribbean. I’m excited. I’m in great shape I’m coming off a fight from 8 days ago . I’m still in relatively good cardio and the pain is almost gone from Peter Aerts (the lumber jack) hitting me in the legs.

CNEL: Is this unusual for you to be called on like this with such little notice?

GOODRIDGE: No it’s not unusual. I have to stick to my position in times like this. Be prepared at all times and ready to go at the minute, any fight, any style, any place.

CNEL: Who will you be fighting?

GOODRIDGE: Right now it’s unsure. I’ll know more when I hit Vegas 4P.M. EST.

So I’ll be in my chat room every day chatting with my fans from the hotel room.

CNEL: Are you excited?

GOODRIDGE: I’m excited it’s another opportunity for me to get into the grand prix. I don’t know if it is a good opportunity or not but it’s an opportunity, so let the games begin or better yet let the heads roll.

CNEL: Does the suspense of who you will be fighting add anything?

GOODRIDGE: I have no stress no worries no pressure. I’m heading in with weeks of preparation, mental preparation. Although fighters say “to worry about the fight doesn’t stress you” it does. I’ve been preparing. (since the last fight) I’m ready to fight. Everyone knows what to expect from Daddy so let the heads roll! Let’s start pelting stuff.