Big Daddy Turns 40!

January 17th, 2006

This past week Gary celebrated his 40th birthday with his family at his home in Utopia, Ontario. We caught up with Gary to share in the celebration and get his reflections on entering into his 5th decade of life and what plans may lay ahead for the big man in 2006.

MOFOIT: Happy birthday “Big Daddy”.

GOODRIDGE: Well thank you very much so.

MOFOIT: What are you plans for your birthday?

GOODRIDGE: I am celebrating it with my family. I have a house full of beautiful ladies as we speak!

MOFOIT: Beautiful ladies?

GOODRIDGE: Yes sir, my sisters Shirma, Sharon, Lisa, Suzy and my mom.

MOFOIT: Doesn’t Shirma live in DC?

GOODRIDGE: She works at the Pentagon in Washington but live 20 minutes away in Virginia.

MOFOIT: And she came into town just for your birthday?

GOODRIDGE: Absolutely so.

MOFOIT: How do you feel entering your fifth decade? Are you starting to feel a bit old?

GOODRIDGE: Hell no! I feel like I am entering my third decade. Young and _ _ _ _ strong! I don’t feel a day older!

MOFOIT: What are your plans for 2006?

GOODRIDGE: To kick some more asses and make some more money! I am going to get the body back in shape starting next week.

MOFOIT: How long have you been off for?

GOODRIDGE: I have been off since my last fight on November the 19th… two months and two operations later.

MOFOIT: Two operations later?

GOODRIDGE: Yes, I had my nose broken in the last fight and I underwent two corrective surgeries.

MOFOIT: So what is up for training?

GOODRIDGE: I am going to be training at the boxing club in Barrie. I am hopefully going to be training with Michael MacDonald from Vancouver.

MOFOIT: Is that not the Black Sniper?

GOODRIDGE: It is so. Hopefully I can get him out here to train with me as he is waiting for a fight in April.

MOFOIT: What will training consist of?

GOODRIDGE: Cardio and weights in the morning, and technique and sparring in the evening.

MOFOIT: What is next on the agenda for you?

GOODRIDGE: I am fighting in Hungary… Budapest on the 25th of February.

MOFOIT: Do you know whom you are up against yet?

GOODRIDGE: I most certainly do… Alexey Ignashov.

MOFOIT: Well I won’t take up any more of you time and I will let you get back to your family. Have a good one and I will catch up with you soon to see how things are progressing and to get your thoughts on your upcoming fight.

GOODRIDGE: Smell you later!