The Ultimate Boxing Betting Guide for Newcomers

Did you know that you can put money on boxing betting lines? From Muhammed Ali to Canelo Alvarez, boxing has a very long legacy. It is our guide to the best boxing betting sites, where we’ll learn everything that goes into it. 

How Does Boxing Betting Work?

You must know about the sport to get into the wonderful world of boxing predictions. In this section, let’s take you through the whole journey. 

How to Bet on Boxing Online 

The first things are the betting steps. Follow them closely. 

  1. Choose from our list of the best boxing sportsbooks. 
  2. Locate the “Sign Up” or “Registration” button. 
  3. Fill up the registration form with data that matches your government ID.
  4. Deposit real money using an online payment method. 
  5. Pick your favorite boxer and add it to the bet slip. 
  6. Wait for the match to end for settlement. 

Most Popular Boxing Competitions

First, you need to decide which boxing competition to target. When you visit any boxing betting online site, you directly won’t find the markets. The boxing predictions are going to vary widely based on these events. 


The World Boxing Association is the oldest and most prestigious organization to sanction matches. It’s been in operation since 1962, and for the longest time, it was known as the National Boxing Association. However, its functions are often scrutinized for corruption. 


WBC stands for World Boxing Council, serving the same purpose as the WBA. It is perhaps the only boxing-sanctioning organization that can give WBA a run for its money. It’s also a dream for modern-day boxers to win the WBC belt, making it a prime target for boxing spreads. Names like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Joe Frazier have held this belt. 


The International Boxing Federation is another major player in the space, operating since 1983. Although the IBF boxing matches don’t make as much noise as WBA or WBC, it’s still a fantastic tournament at the best sites for betting on boxing. 


There may not be many events throughout the year, but the ones you’ll find will surely be enjoyable. The last of the 4 major boxing giants is the World Boxing Organization (WBO). It’s essentially a branch-out from the WBA back in 1988. It’s based in Puerto Rico, a very unexpected region indeed. 

Most Popular and Titled Boxers

Finding the perfect boxing betting tournament is just the first step. You also need to decide which boxer to bet on, right? Most people know the likes of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. But there is another boxer you should know before entering the world of boxing wagering.

Gary BIG DADDY Goodridge

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Gary Henry Goodridge was and still is a martial artist, a kickboxer, and a boxer (retired). He’s famously known as “BIG DADDY” among the fans thanks to his massive structure, strength, and power. Of course, he competed in the heavyweight class, but even the heaviest opponents felt light against Gary. 

Boxing was a passion for him in the early stages of his life before he migrated to kickboxing and MMA. He was a Super Heavyweight Amateur boxing champion of Canada! He later went on to win 23 kickboxing titles, 16 being knockouts. He also had a colorful career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Boxing Betting Markets

A “market” in sports betting is the outcome you spend money on. You can expect to find different kinds of markets at online wagering for boxing sites. Here are your boxing bets explained. 

Outright Winner

The term “outright” in sports betting applies to tournaments only. When you bet on the outcome of the whole tournament even before it starts, that’s your outright market. So, you can bet on the WBA, WBA, IBF, and WBO champions right after the roster is declared. The odds are very long for these markets, meaning you can make money. 

Round Betting

As the name suggests, the market revolves around a boxing round in the ring. Also known as specific round betting, you predict which round the match ends. The odds for this market are usually pretty steep because it’s hard to get right. 

Round Group Betting

This market somewhat extends from the previous market we just discussed. Instead of focusing on a single round, you choose a group of rounds. As the probability of this event goes high, the winning potential, as in the odds, comes down. For example, you predict the boxing match will end within 7-9 rounds. 

Fight Outcome

Perhaps the simplest market of all. You get to pick between the boxers for a specific match and favor one over the other. If your prediction is correct, you get paid according to the odds. If not, you lose the bet. It is a perfect starting point for new bettors as there are few variables to deal with. 

Over/Under Betting

All the online betting sites for boxing have this market. They share a number that they think the match will end. Now, you counter that prediction with “over” and “under” odds. In this case, the “over” and “under” will be on the number of rounds. 

A prediction is often an impossible number, 5.5, for example. It’s done deliberately so that the actual result doesn’t match the prediction. In that case, the bookmaker must return all bets to all participants. Not a very good situation for them.

Prop Bets

Prop or proposition bets are usually events that don’t correlate to the boxing match directly. For example, what did the boxers have for lunch? Or how long before the first punch in a match? These arbitrary bets are enjoyable if you don’t want to enter the core markets. 

Boxing Betting Overview

In our guide, we’ve tried to cover all the major aspects of wagering on boxing that you should know. The only missing piece is boxing live betting. Essentially, it’s the same as regular boxing wagering, but you get to choose a market from a live boxing match!

The main benefit is that your odds for different markets are no longer fixed. They can change every round or even more frequently if the match is between high-voltage boxers. If you’re into kickboxing or MMA, you must check out boxing. It’s often considered a stripped-down version of MMA. Many fighting styles worldwide have boxing as the inspiration, including kickboxing. 

Here are more things you should know before looking into where to bet on boxing fights. 

Final Words

So, what did you learn today? We’ve covered the best boxing sportsbooks, explained how online betting for boxing works, listed the most popular organizations that arrange boxing matches, understood the boxing betting odds explained guide, and whatnot. 

You should be ready to take on the betting world with your knowledge. But be careful. Don’t blow all your money on a single outcome. Rather, diversify your bets across many results. 

Finally, let’s answer some of your questions regarding boxing betting before we put on the wraps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does boxing betting work?
Boxing betting starts when you choose a wagering site and sign up for real money. All you have to do is choose a boxing sportsbook from our list on this page. After signing up, you find a fight and place money on

How to bet on a boxing match?
This guide contains a full step-by-step guide on how boxing betting works. To summarize, you must choose a competition, a match, and a fighter. Finally, add the markets to your bet slip.

Can you bet on yourself in boxing?
Generally speaking, you can. There are no copyright issues when sportsbooks list different boxers and offer odds for them. If you’ve managed to list yourself in a sportsbook, congratulations! There’s nothing wrong with supporting yourself, so go ahead.